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The Office: "Initiation"

October 20th 2006 19:58
Category: The Office
The Office: “Initiation”

Dwight Schrute has to be the oddest television character ever created. I’m a
Rainn Wilson Dwight Schrute The Office NBC
The wierdest man ever.
fan of the British version of The Office also, but in my opinion Gareth doesn’t hold a candle to Dwight. He’s just so crazy and over-the-top. The more screen time Dwight gets, the more I laugh.

This episode was Dwight’s time to shine as he was taking Ryan (The Temp) on his first “sales call.” Dwight relishes being in control, trying to force is ridiculous ways on someone else. You could just tell by the title of this episode that none of this was going to turn out well for Ryan.

Rainn Wilson Dwight Schrute The Office NBC
Look at what Mose carved for you.
Dwight takes him to the Schrute Family Beet Farm to “pass some tests.” First Dwight makes Ryan kneel down in the field, which is covered in manure to plant a beet seed.

Dwight: “As you plant this seed in the ground, I shall also plant my seed in you.”

Yeah that quote made me cringe too, but it was just as hilarious as it was cringe-worthy.

Meanwhile, Jan is getting extremely fed up with Michael and how he does absolutely nothing. Every episode I watch I keep trying to understand how Michael actually got to where he is. Who would’ve ever promoted that guy?
Steve Carell NBC The Office
Michael did a lot today!
Jan assigns Pam to keep track of Michael hour by hour—she ends up writing only two things down neither containing any mention of work.

Stanley and Michael
Today is pretzel day, where the building gives its tenants free pretzels. It seems that Stanley lives for Pretzel Day. But, if I worked at that place, it would seem that would be the only thing to live for also.

Over at Stamford it seems Jim and Karen are getting very flirtatious. Which I
Ed Helms The Office NBC
Ed Helms as Andy
don’t mind that much. It doesn’t really add all that much to the show, but doesn’t really take away either. But, one of the best additions to the show is Ed Helms (The Daily Show) as Andy, the rage-a-holic office worker.

The Face of Fear
Back at the beet farm Dwight drives off and leaves Ryan stranded in the middle of the field. Ryan walks all the way to an old rundown barn. Inside is Dwight, an old wheelchair and a creepy coffin in the corner. He sits Ryan down in the old wheelchair, and begins quizzing him. I love when Dwight throws in Lost references. Remember in the second season where they went down to the warehouse and Dwight turns to the camera and says, “Remember on Lost where they met The Others?” Well, he’s quizzing Ryan in the chair and he says, “What’s the Dharma Initiative?” I about lost it. That was hilarious.

Lets get ready to rumble
Dwight gives Ryan a speech about fear and vanquishing his fears. Then Dwight’s weird Amish-looking cousin named Mose (I have no idea how he’d spell it), jumps out, FEAR in duct tape letters across the front of his shirt ready to fight. Ryan finally gets up tells Dwight he’s a freak and leaves. Before Ryan leaves Dwight asks him, “Ok you don’t have to wrestle, just get in the coffin.”
Rainn Wilson Dwight Schrute The Office NBC
The creepy coffin

There was a call at the end of the episode with Jim calling and talking to Pam. It was cute for a little bit, but it went on too long. They should’ve cut that shorter. We all know what those awkward conversations are like.

This wasn’t as good as last week’s episode. I believe last week’s was one of the funniest there has been. But, this was another great one. I really am amazed at the quality of each episode. The writers really must spend a lot of time on these scripts. Seinfeld and Arrested Development were the only shows I can think of that were consistently funny ALL the time.

**All images screencaps courtesy of yours truly, (Aaron if you didn't know)**

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9 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]

Comment by melisa

October 21st 2006 04:00
Okay, haven't watched this episode yet. Or the last two Losts for that matter. Maybe this weekend. But I did see The Prestige tonight. Wondering if you were going to see it? I liked it a lot, well Christian Bale has been a favorite of mine for a long time and Hugh Jackman suprised me. I forgot how well he can act. And of course Michael Caine was perfect as usual.

Comment by Aaron

October 21st 2006 05:30
melisa: I haven't seen The Prestige yet. Planning on going to it tomorrow. I can't wait! But, yeah you should get on watching this episode of The Office and the last 2 Lost episodes and then come back and comment on them Pretty please?


Comment by Emily

October 21st 2006 07:57
That Lost reference nearly killed me. So hilarious. And Dwight's antics with Ryan were hilarious. I love how freaked he was getting, especially when Dwight was practically sniffing his hair. Ryan is improving all the time.

And I loved the last scene. So awkward and good. Those Jim/Pam moments kill me.

Comment by Diabetic Sammy

October 21st 2006 08:16
First of all, let me just say that I am going to join Dwight's Army of Champions!!!

I have to disagree with you, though; I thought this episode was the funniest one of the season so far. I easily laughed more at this episode than any of the other ones so far. I don't think Jim and Pam's conversation went on too long, either- the entire planet (except you, apparently) has been waiting for them to talk to eachother for ages!! And I love how Michael's morning consisted of "Cosby Impression". And how he did it two different times! You're right, he's a complete moron, but he's absolutly hilarious. What a great show!

Comment by Aaron

October 21st 2006 08:16
Emily: Yeah Dwight is just classic.

I did think that phone call at the end was a tad too long, but overall it was a hilarious episode. Dwight is nuts. I can only imagine what he wanted Ryan to do in that coffin.


Comment by Aaron

October 21st 2006 08:21
Diabetic Sammy: Hey Sammy what's up? Glad to see you commenting here. You really do think this episode was funnier than last week's? I thought last week's was absolute brilliance.

Anyway, the whole Jim and Pam talk at the end. I liked that they did talk finally, but i felt they could of said what they did say in half the time, and put in another funny with Dwight and Ryan walking into the office.

But, all in all it was hilarious. What do you think about Ed Helms? I love his character.

"Love me love me. Say that you love me...I don't care 'bout anything but youuuuuu....Whatever happened to those guys?"

Oh man he's great.


Comment by MelissaA

October 21st 2006 10:17
I've seen some of both of these - (The UK & US versions) and even though most people over here that I know of say that the UK verion is better, I would have to say that in parts they are indeed better, and other times the US version is a bit better.

The only thing that gets me about this copying business is that I heard a rumour that Australia's Kath & Kim was going to be copied in a similar type of format for the US. That is indeed a scary thought for those who know the show!

Comment by Aaron

October 21st 2006 15:51
MelissaA: The thing about these 2 shows is that the very first episode of the US version copied the very first episode of the UK version almost exactly. But, from there the US version really has become it's own show. I don't even think of them as the same shows now. Just because how different they are. The US characters have really found their own ways to go. I like the UK version too. I have all the DVD's for it. But, I think that the US version really has taken it to another level, and made the show their own.


Comment by Anonymous

November 11th 2006 15:32
i really enjoyed this episode. it was full of great dwieght moments, and very quotable lines.... everything the office should be!! matt

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